The ExpressJet Europe Business Model

ExpressJet Europe was established by a group of highly experienced airline executives and senior airline operations managers with backing from one of the largest US regional-jet operators ExpressJet Airlines.

ExpressJet Europe aims to provide a European version of the successful US Capacity Purchase Agreement model (CPA) to European airlines. Having analysed and studied this model in great detail, we have adapted and evolved it for the European market, enabling us to offer our services to various different types of airlines.

“ACMI” type operations are more common and better known in Europe and are best characterised by their short-term, tactical nature. ExpressJet Europe, however, through Capacity Purchase Agreements seeks to build long-term, strategic relationships with interested airline customers.

Based on the strict separation of commercial and operational skills, ExpressJet Europe is focused on developing a regional turn-key operation delivering a high quality, reliable, extremely efficient and most importantly, a safe service, at the lowest possible cost. Ever mindful of our customers’ brands and product requirements, ExpressJet Europe is determined to meet and exceed all our customers’ quality requirements in every aspect of the business.

Our customers will retain full commercial control, allowing ExpressJet Europe to focus solely on the operational requirements. By virtue of the transparency of our business model, we aim to build a long-lasting win-win relationship with our customers. Under this arrangement ExpressJet Europe will be strongly incentivised to produce a stable, highly reliable and punctual operation with a relentless drive not only to keep our costs under control but to reduce our cost base whenever and wherever possible.

With our dedicated pro-employee philosophy and our positive and innovative team-culture, we are determined to provide an operation with utmost flexibility and cost-efficiency to our customers and therefore become the CPA provider of choice for European airlines.